Monday, January 27, 2014

Preet Bharara aka Mighty Mouse Exposed by Wonder Woman?

Before moving to Burbank Wonder Woman gets a hot date with Preet Bharara aka the Mighty Mouse of Gotham

Let's listen in...

Wonder Woman: oooo...yeah Preet you've got the force, use you enforcement shield on me too.
give me one of those standard strip searches. 

Preet: I can seize all your assets...oh...oh...

Wonder Woman: I've got you Preet on this text just in time before they change the porn retaliation law. 


Hey Preet too bad u can't strip search a DPA. (DEFERRED PROSECUTION AGREEMENT like the one hanging over SAIC in my opinion as guilty or more than Denault because in my opinion a whole lot of stealing going like 911 tech corruption under Mike Bloomberg and you and Cy Vance protecting all involved except designated players.  

It was open season over billing -- a revolving door of corruption and rewarding a culture of corruption including lobbyists many with NY Pensions as well as consultants many with NY pensions.  

Wonder Woman exposes Mighty Mouse Preet.   Preet u said there would be arrests of NYC Gov officials.  Where are they?

Even Joel Bondy walked and Rose Gill Hearn as guilty in my opinion as Mike Bloomberg, Mark Page and Chris Quinn walked.   Rose got a kick back job in my opinion for her role even doing an informercial on CityTime on NY1 when CityTime a hunk of junk. 

We knew when Preet Bharara did not cut ties with Rose Gill Hearn he was not going to prosecute all involved and go back in Time CityTime crime.  

No wonder still no criminal investigation 911.