911 Tech Corruption

Scott Stringer is not qualified to be NYC gov comptroller but thanks to back room deals and fixing and favors he got the job. He removed John Liu's Press Release from May 31, 2012 asking for a criminal investigation in to 911. Cy Vance said there is no need for one. Truth is yes there is and we need yet another new audit of 911 and for years before the first audits we needed a criminal investigation in to 911 and we still do. We also need an audit and investigation in to 311 spending and Board of Election, NYCAPS, NYCWiNS, FDNY Wireless, etc.

NYPD Coerced me to drop charges or go to jail with a hole in my retina Saturday arrest for Dr Fagelman's savagely violent receptionist Delita's running punch to my eye grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair damaging my neck not fired or arrested I agreed to false arrest Oct 16 immediate than Det John Vergona changed my false arrest date to Saturday oct. 20, 2012 4PM IAB let him and his supervisor retire! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE I am alleging fix, favors and retaliation -- please look at the first page -- it mentions HP tied to 911 Tech corruption as well as mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly free rides Air Bloomberg....http://www.scribd.com/doc/188752042/NYPD-Commissioner-Ray-Kelly-Charles-Campisi-DI-Ed-Winski-Lt-Agnes-Lt-Angelo-Burgos-IAB-Sgt-Mary-O-Donnell-Sgt-Chen-Det-Andy-Dwyer-Det-John-Ve

Monday, November 9, 2009

November 4, 2009 Suzannah B. Troy receives a congratulatory telephone call


Yet another letter the NY eminent domain Times refused to publish that was visionary based on election results. Submitted the day before election
"Earth to Joyce Purnick" and it should have said "Earth to The New York Times" as well.
Pre-Keller the paper published a significant amount of my letters...

I don't fix the typo but I prefer imperfections to not reporting the news which all the media that endorsed Mike Bloomberg was pretty much guilty of ...

I also wrote a piece about "Mike Bloomberg is like Peter Sellers in Being There but above average intelligence" but we are all living it and it is more horror than comedy.

Let us face it -- when Mike Bloomberg says "Progress" that means get your moving van.

In his acceptance speech, Mike says he is going to work twice as hard! Does that mean we have to pay him two dollars a year?

The New York Times reported he is 5 foot 8. I wrote them a letter. Does that measurement include his crown? They didn't publish that one either.

http://mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/2009/11/suzannah-b-troys-new-youtube-on-mike.html When I confront Mike Bloomberg on The John Gambling Show two years ago which is archived Mike says in response to me "Just a few people feel the way Suzannah feels." November 3 he had to give up his state of denial at least for a few minutes to realize millions of people feel the way I do.

Mike Bloomberg hired his very good friend, the worst city planner in NYC's history mega millionaire socialite city planner Amanda Burden. She would prove to be the people's BURDEN tearing down our historic neighborhood causing massive displacement as she aided and abetted developers with sky piercing mirrored building that reflect a history destroyed and communities no longer welcome. The mirrored buildings are a narcissist's wet dream, Amanda the socialite, the people's Burden and Mike Bloomberg's wet dream. Our nightmare.

My letter in The Village Voice....letter of the week....if more isn't done to preserve our historic neighborhoods and our communities, you will have to visit a recreation in a museum or Las Vegas. http://www.villagevoice.com/2006-06-20/news/letters/

The editor picked the title "Carbon Copy" and that is the NYC Amanda Burden and Bloomberg have bequeathed us, a soulless empty shell of a city, all smoke and mirrors like the empty p.r. machine that even the press sold out and bought in to only to be exposed as one giant "flim flam" man at 10:00PM November 3 when they had to eat their words....it was not a landslide victory but the opposite...neck and neck, to close to call. The press had made sure not to cover my art work and my opposition that was a resistance that grew like a wild fire on YouTube so it was a pleasure to see them exposed as they had to openly admit the truth...which I talked about endlessly on YouTube...the people's anger... could not be ignored...voter apathy yes...nothing new but voter anger was something that press covered up as if they were living in Bloomberg-ville not NYC and they all had to tell the truth report the news...finally.

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Bloomberg Newzzz by Suzannah B. Troy

"Bloomberg Newzzz" by Suzannah B. Troy

I answer the phone. “We want to quote you....” “Oh, good....” “Yes, we want to say Mike Bloomberg is a ruthless man who will stop at nothing.” I never said that. I originally felt “we” was sexist and now I had to add misogynist. If you felt that, why give me the honor? Why attribute that particular quote to me? I am not having a Sally Fields at-the-Oscars moment; they really, really, like me. Growing up, I dreamed of being the next Dr. J, Julius Irving, a basketball star with magnificent moves and grace -- I was never the feminine ideal . Yet both men and women that dislike me treat me like a Barbie Doll and this one wanted to put words in my mouth. All I know is that I want to be Tina Fey and Mike Bloomberg to be my Sarah Palin.

Henry Kissinger said power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. And let’s face it, he wasn’t very attractive so he ought to have known. Clearly Mike Bloomberg is obsessed with positions of power and if he could have won the position of President of the United States we wouldn’t be in the embarrassing dilemma we are now, with many infrastructures here in NYC on the verge of collapse including Democracy.

Many people have told me if Mike Bloomberg had given us a referendum to vote on whether we wanted a third term or not then they would have voted for him, but because he pulled what I call “the speed of greed” game -- saying there wasn’t enough time to do so -- he alienated voters. People that would have voted for him now will not. If only Mike had proposed marriage to Christine Quinn instead...

Bloomberg Newzzz is a snooze -- everyone thinks this “election” is a joke and the newzzz is that Bloomberg is going to win..... Wake up, sleepy heads. City council members and their aides have been exposed for stealing tax payers’ money. In response, I have already written the press and activist lawyers pointing out that city council members’ votes to extend term limits are tainted and must be thrown out! How thrilling would it be to have an epic upset and King Mike lose his crown at least as mayor; Bloomberg goes down in the Guinness Book of Records as spending and losing the most campaign money in NYC history!!! Let me dream! My dream may turn in to Mike’s nightmare. YouTube “Term Limits: Deal Ordeal” http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=Tzo1tvBFZWw

Bloomberg is running an Orwellian ad campaign and against no rival TV, radio commercials, Internet or aggressive phone campaigns like his, although Tony Avella and Bill Thompson are among my Facebook friends! I started my very own campaign against Mike Bloomberg spending less than $500 and using YouTube as my medium along with a hand-painted portrait I turned in to a poster lampooning King Mike with an over-sized crown with red, white and blue gems, asking, “Is Democracy for Sale?” I borrowed from a recently discovered portrait of Shakespeare, which included the words “Principum Amicitias!”, to warn New Yorkers to be wary of “princes” or “powerful people that want to be your friend”. I painted his face blushing red because nothing embarrasses him. When he yelled at Azi Paybarah, “You are a disgrace!” there was no embarrassment or apology. The New York Times ran a front-page puff piece on Mike not being a very good golfer, who was nonetheless obsessed with mastering the sport, and who hires professionals to teach him how to play. In response, I wrote The New York Times, “The mayor should consider hiring a professional to teach him how to apologize.” Of course, the old and very broke real-estate Gray Lady (The New York Times) isn’t going to publish my thoughts about their friend, the real-estate mayor. After Mike almost murdered Azi with a glare, he stated, “I am what I am,” which for me evokes the hit song from “La Cage Aux Folles.” But I get the feeling his public relations people have been watching my YouTube postings and reading my blog www.mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com because Mike Bloomberg is giving his “little emperor of NYC” routine a rest -- at least for now. King Mike has not let his temper flare or put his foot in his mouth since, or apologized to Azi Paybarah.

Azi Paybarah wrote a piece, “Holding back the tides of Bloomberg,” and the last few paragraphs are about my art. He got what most people will never

understand: that YouTube is my art. http://www.observer.com/2008/politics/struggling-hold-back-bloomberg-tide

The press has barely any coverage of serious opposition in the face of world record expenditures by a mayoral candidate. It’s as if a given that Mike has won his third term and if he wants a 4th or 5th he could win those as well.

Here is The New York Observer link to my YouTube, “Gloomy Bloomy News Sub-Zero Trickle Down,” and they quote my asking, “Is City Council going to ‘unvote’ themselves a raise?” I still want to know the answer since so many New Yorkers are taking pay cuts or being laid off.


Suzannah B. Troy, Dec. 4, 2006, photo by Jefferson Siegel, photo: Chelsea News, City Council Task Force Meeting on DOB, Christine Quinn is too busy to attend so James Oddo headed this meeting. (Whoops something missing here besides Quinn. Chelsea Now made this piece disappear : http://chelseanow.com/cn_12/builtupcomplaintssome.html

The Villager endorsed Christine Quinn...do the math.

I compare the Wall Street meltdown to the real estate tsunami, shoved down our throat way too rapidly with unregulated development under the Bloomberg administration. I refer to Amanda Burden as the Wicked Witch of the East Village, since one day I went to bed and woke up in a bad xerox of mid-town turning in to a bad xerox of Dubai.

The speed of greed applies to the tsunami of community crushing development that Mike Bloomberg foisted on the people of New York and the old dilapidated infrastructure . We have had too many construction-related deaths and injuries, and ditto for deaths by Con Ed. Con Ed won’t advertise this, but employees and civilians like Jodi Lane, walking her dog in the East Village, have died as well or been injured including childern and pets. Dogs have died, beloved family members with four legs. We all witnessed the steam-pipe explosion near Grand Central Station that resembled a terror attack. There have been countless water-main breaks, sink holes, sewage pipes giving way, and manhole covers exploding in the East Village, like Jiffy Pop Popcorn. New York’s streets and subway stations are dilapidated, and when it rains, they evoke Venice, Italy. But no city agency or Con Ed demanded that the mayor slow down and put safety first. I know, I’ve asked them -- pleaded, even -- and that included my e-mailing Dan Doctoroff, at the time Deputy Mayor, who had someone from DEP respond, reassuring me infrastructure was not a concern; that was before the steam-pipe explosion like a terror attack . Mysteriously or conveniently Doctoroff departed suddenly at the end of the year.

Goodbye “dollar-bill” Dan Doctoroff, can we have the dollar back? Please see my letter in The New York Daily News, "Body Bag Boom" and note the date. http://www.nydailynews.com/opinions/2007/07/07/2007-07-07_voice_of_the_people.html

Some shockingly naive people say to me, Mike Bloomberg is not doing this for the money. I was sitting on a bench in Tompkins Square Park listening with frustration to a lecture from an activist or an NYU prof., I can't remember which. He seemed to pride himself on his intellectual muscle which involved looking down his nose at me. He has a Woody Allen look and I felt I was in a hellish version of Annie Hall without the humor or romance as he lectured me on how Mike Bloomberg is not doing it for the money and he is no Bloomberg fan. Of course I knew he was a sexist -- just the way he treated me. An attractive blonde woman sitting next to me, typing on her lap top, stopped, gave me a conspiratorial look and we laughed after I responded, “Gee. Mike made how many more billions of dollars while being in office and that includes an economic melt down where the majority of people lost money except our mayor who became the richest man in NYC. You don't’ think Mike Bloomberg is doing it for the money? Yes, Mike is in this for the megla-maniacal high King of New York power-trip as well. But most definitely he is in it for the money!” Hey Mike show me the money! Isn’t it just a little blush-worthy that the city is bust and our mayor made multi-billions? He should understand why many of us are thinking, “Hey, you earned money from your other job. Can you donate a few billion to help out the city of New York? Remember your dollar-a-year job?” Isn’t it bizarre, even by NYC standards, that while the world is having a global meltdown our mayor’s personal fortune has grown so much that Forbes announced he is now the richest man in New York?

Isn’t he one of the great white sharks (or just a medium sized one?) of Wall Street that helped toss deregulation out the window, which contributed to today’s economic tsunami? And how different is the tsunami of community-crushing development, where the speed of greed was key? No agency could monitor so many buildings being built and it took many deaths and injuries getting national attention to finally get the mayor to repeat our mantra, “Safety first!” But it’s too little too late. Nor is it a coincidence that the president of NYU is running down to city hall to testify that Mike requires a third term. NYU is one of the many real-estate magnates and players that need Mike in office to aid and abet their greedy, crushing, wheeling and dealing. It’s no different than what brought Wall Street down...The next mayor should not be so “friendly” to real-estate grabs or speed-of-greed zone-busting builds that have left my neighborhood, the East Village and the Lower East Side, looking like a tacky Hollywood set. The goal was to make the neighborhood from 14th Street down into the new Wall Street, with just a few token historical buildings to remind us of what was.

Welcome to the “new” hideous New York, Mike Bloomberg and socialite mega millionaire, city-planner Amanda Burden have forced upon us despite protests, petitions, phone calls, and rallies in opposition. There are now sky-piercing, zone-busting, mirrored buildings that reflect a history destroyed and a community no longer welcome. The Village Voice made my letter, titled “Carbon Copy,” letter-of-the-week, and this is how it ends: “If more isn't done to protect the historic buildings and support our people, you will have to visit the Village (East and West), Bowery, and Lower East Side reconstructed in a museum or Las Vegas.” http://www.villagevoice.com/2006-06-20/news/letters/

The new mirrored buildings that bust the sky-line are a narcissist’s wet dream. I admit I think of Amanda Burden staring at her reflection in these hideous buildings and taking pleasure in the fact that as she grows older, her face gets tighter. I both wrote Amanda and spoke with her on the phone. Our brief if unpleasant conversation made it into my poem: “Stuy Town Buy Town, affordable housing an oxymoron.” Amanda used the term “affordable housing” as a Trojan Horse for developers, enabling them to supersize our historic neighborhoods and bust through zoning with more mirrors and smoke.

http://www.suzannahbtroyartist.com/stytown_poem.html (Note: This poem addresses concerns city wide including the fact Blooomberg closed firehouses post Sept. 11 even while pushing development and population growth which doesn't make sense. See my letter in The Wall Street Journal "Betrayal at Ground Zero". The betrayal has grown exponentially.

There was no higher authority policing these developers. Architects were allowed to certify themselves. I wish there would have been drug testing for cocaine. And for Scarano, who built the new Bowery Hotel, which looks like a prison, how about testing for antidepressants? All the college kids temporarily occupying our community, while they party and pretend they are a real “Friends” TV show, come to life, can now graduate from the super-sized dorms to the super-sized hotels. It is just a sea of temporary housing for the privileged with invisible signs that are NEON to the community -- “NOT Welcome!”. All of those who made the neighborhood desirable, have been forced out to make way for these interlopers. As I have said many times before, the only thing Mike, Amanda and John Sexton haven’t done is supply NYU with buses, trains and trolleys to move us out.

How many realize that the new zone-busting mirrored building by the landmark black cube at Astor Place is on property owned by Cooper Union? If you buy a multi-million dollar condo there you own a condo on property that’s land-leased. Correct me if I am wrong and what does that have to do with higher ed? Amanda Burden gave the green light to tear down the little yellow Science building for Cooper Union and zone-bust yet again, which has nothing to do with higher education, but with higher greed. Like NYU, Cooper Union uses its not-for-profit status as a tax shelter, as a way to bust through zoning and be a landlord, all the while spouting propaganda that it’s to pay for free education for students. Peter Cooper would be turning over in his grave, because his aim was to help the poor, not crush a community. How much of that money goes to highly-paid hired hands to beat down community law suits and sponsor propaganda, justifying their misdeeds? I walked by a press conference and informed the press that, despite their saying otherwise, “Many in the community DO NOT like what Cooper Union is doing!” http://www.ny1.com/Default.aspx?SecID=1000&ArID=69978 There I was standing by a water-main break one block from the hideously fractured aquarium building which Cooper Union had forced on the community.... I believe they caused the collapse with their heavy trucks and drilling, but Cooper Union denied it. The Cooper Union “New” studio looks like it belongs on the set of a “B” Hollywood sci-fi movie, as opposed to the Bowery, and it underscores, as if in neon, the message, “You’re Not Welcome! You made the community hot, now you can get the hell out!” Gordon Gekko is alive and well and teaching at Stern Business School as well as lecturing to Cooper Union students. The art students are not anti-establishment but “greed is good” and we are entitled to the money, show me the money, screw the community and hey, who cares that the subway station at Astor Place is rusted and leaking and Cooper Union weighs heavy on the dilapidated old streets and rotted subways stations right there. Cooper Union says they are not as bad as NYU. I say if they’re not, it’s only because they haven’t obtained and exploited as much real estate as NYU--yet! Cooper Union has left a horrifying destructive mark with the help on Amanda Burden which along with NYU has changed the historic face of the neighborhood in the worst way possible.

The next block down from the fractured aquarium -- Cooper Union studio building is the Cooper Square Hotel which looks like a space ship landed and illegally parked on the Bowery. I am still waiting for the 9th Precinct to ticket and tow it! Did you see the puff piece in The New York Daily News stating that Amanda Burden preserved the East Village, Lower East Side or the front page puff, a few years back in The New York Times, where the writer exposed the close ties she had with NYU? (Special note to readers: Please get out a barf bag before reading this! She is referred to as the good witch not the wicked witch of the East Village. There is so much about this phony p.r. piece that will make you sick to your stomach including the NYU connection, the dollar bill Dan -departed to work for Mike's private empire- Doctoroff quote and the platinum silver spoon. http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9404E7DB1030F936A25752C0A9619C8B63&sec=&spon=&pagewanted=3 Not that we needed to read an article from the NY Times to figure out that Burden, the wicked witch of the East Village, has ties to NYU after witnessing her help push the tear-down of St. Ann’s. Since1847 St. Ann’s survived everything else, until NYU’s need and greed to build yet another mega-dorm obliterated it. NYU, the evil empire, has mega-dormed the East Village to death. I told mayor Mike this on the John Gambling show, adding how, under Bloomberg, the East Village, Lower East Side and Bowery look like a bad xerox of mid-town, how the evictions are rising along with the supersizing and how I wanted concessions or should I say reparations, such as community outreach resource centers in every mega dorm.
The ever-slick Mike responded, “just a few people feel the way Suzannah feels”. He’s in for a surprise this November when he’ll discover that a lot more people feel the way I do!

You can hear me confront Mayor Bloomberg on the John Gambling show, which originally aired on October 19, 2007:
pick the top option for "archived link" which gives you the stream with out down load
move the cursor to 29 minutes (almost the end!!!)

Mike Bloomberg is going the way of Ed Koch: He is losing his popularity and
not because people are wondering if he is gay. If Bloomberg was gay, of course gay activists would be furious with him for not being out. An elderly news reporter hit on me. I told him that I don’t fool around with married men and that he is too old for me. He responded that Mike Bloomberg is older than he is and asked if I would fool around with him? I said, “Yes, if he took Viagra!” The news reporter also told me he has a friend who slept with Mike and she said that he’s good in bed. Do you think the fact she slept with a powerfully connected multi-billionaire in any way effected her evaluation she apparently gave so freely?

I find Mike ambiguous -- his politics. Yes, he is a party animal. But what party? I am independent. I always have been. I grew up playing basketball better than a lot of guys and I am perpetually “single” with two cats; I know I have a hard time passing for straight. Actually, I wouldn’t sleep with Mike Bloomberg even if he did take Viagra. He betrayed my vote for him, and even with Viagra, there would be no potential for sexual healing.

I also compare Mike to mayor Dinkins.
The streets of New York are returning to what many called “Dinkinsville”: broken up and messy. And crime is quietly rising but doesn’t make the stats...
Every small business seems to go belly up. You start to feel tearful and anxious every time another historic building or a small mom-and-pop business goes under. Even the word “supermarket” is on it’s way to becoming an anachronism.

How did this happen? Weren’t the people of NYC speaking up against this community-crushing development? Yes, but it was a sign of the times.
Democracy like this “new” New York had deaf ears and served the developers, the greedy, as opposed to the people. Where are the watch dogs? Where are the accountability and the transparency?

The term-limits deal, or ordeal, was proof. How many city council members received slush money, some millions in discretionary spending like Simcha Felder, who came out like a hit-man for Bloomberg-Quinn stating we don’t need a public advocate. And it’s true that the last road block City Hall needs is a watch dog, considering that they are as big a joke as Albany. But because of Albany’s shenanigans, they’re confident no one is paying attention. We’re just paying our taxes that go to covering Christine Quinn’s defense attorney, who specializes in white-collar crime as well as her staff’s lawyers—referred to as the Christine Quinn slush-gate scandal. There are find so many shocking conflicts of interest at city hall from the pension scandals to city council voting themselves a raise while the NYPD’s starting salary was lowered! Many city council members have a lousy attendance record but they voted themselves a raise!. There are so many city-council members involved in conflicts-of-interests involving their husbands, wives, or relatives, including Quinn’s “partner,” sitting on a board she gave a big piece of pork to. City council denied us a referendum and it proved laughable when Quinn said the conflict of interest ruled that it was not a conflict of interest for city council, to vote for term limits. No wonder city council insisted on voting which I believe was a conflict of interest; besides all of the above listed The New York Daily News exposed city council members were taking money from shady developers they were giving pork to and with a mayor pushing more development do the math.

Did the "conflict of interest board" think anything is a conflict of interest until The New York Post and The New York Daily News exposes a City Hall rife with conflicts of interests? The "conflict of interest committee" has to be the biggest joke at city hall except for council members stealing money and voting for a third term! (A friend asked me if "the conflict of interest board" really existed! YES!!!! ) Here is an article from The New York Daily News on developers making lucrative donations to council members ending with two damming paragraphs on Christine Quinn. I showed up at the Jane Jacobs street naming in a $6 recession bikini top and a huge sign “Christine Quinn Slush Gate, taxpayers are paying for your lawyers! “Conflicts of Interests Galore!” Developers kickbacks aka campaign contributions, CORRUPTION HIT THE ROAD!!!! NO THIRD TERM!” . If Jane Jacobs was still alive she would have been protesting louder than I because despite the mutual back patting, Christine Quinn aka Mike jr., like the mayor that caters to developers. Christine Quinn is no Jane Jacobs and she not only sold out re: democracy but also joined Mike to sell out the city from right under the people of New York. See YouTube http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=yuW2iUG_LvI . http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2009/07/12/2009-07-12_some_city_politicians_received_big_campaign_donations_and_tried_to_aid_developer.html and here is another article http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/2009/05/31/2009-05-31_city_council.html

Anyone who defies Bloomberg-Quinn can expect retaliation including Tony Avella. The mayor king refused to renew Avella's parking permit. He also received the smallest amount of “pork”. (Have I mentioned I want Scott Stringer to save tax payers money by taking the subway and writing his own speeches. Maybe king Mike would save us money by getting rid of well almost everyone and just ruling NYC after all we are in a brutal recession.)

I want to vote for Norman Siegel for Public Advocate because he took on Christine Quinn’s slush fund scandal and he was part of the group that sued and fought to make Mike Bloomberg and City Council respect the law not “change” it....see my very first YouTube:

“Mayor Bloomberg King of New York” Mike isn’t going to break any laws, just change them. http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=E67PYtwkTUo

Please read this piece written by Norman Siegel on why we need to have a Public Advocate. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/norman-siegel/yes-to-the-office-of-publ_b_244619.html

When I received the Orwellian ad-campaign brochure in my mailbox--well, actually, the mail carrier put it in someone else’s mail box but eventually I did get it--I tore it up and turned it in to the Mike Bloomberg propaganda bra. http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=pPr2GWwuHJw . My Mike Bloomberg no third term underpants YouTube is even more popular. http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=2yewyrSaCZg . I trash the mayor for using a quote of Bill Clinton’s, praising him as a green mayor ,when Bill Clinton is adamantly against a third term and has come out loud and clear on not supporting Mike’s self-inflicted run. I discovered two very good looking, older women admiring my poster displayed on a community bulletin board, complaining about Mike’s mailer as well. Even though the mailers were made on recycled paper, how many trees were killed for that mailer, what a waste of recycling efforts, to be sent to millions of New Yorkers, who don’t have money to go solar Hey Mike, they’re broke! It’s like Mike saying on tv commercials that he will give loans to small businesses. Hey Mike, they’re already broke! A loan would just mean a bigger hole, and more debt they can’t pay back!

Earth to King Mike...?

The YouTube postings are my art, and there is a strange byproduct, an audience of male admirers. I am told I am a MILF from a 22-year-old. I had to ask a fellow YouTuber what that actually meant. I thank the young man and tell him whatever Demi Moore has been doing, I don’t have the money to do, and also that the camera flatters me... I am pushing 47, but gee, thanks. And for the older men who also hit on me, I tell them I am in my prime and they are too old for me. It isn’t an issue of arm-candy, like, “older man with younger woman.” I have had so many men hit on me, but I can’t actually do anything with them,because they’re guys who fell for me because of YouTube postings. I am nevertheless glad to get messages that confirm I’m inspiring people to get out there and vote against Mike Bloomberg. I was repulsed by one fan who asked me to tell news reporters that if they actually report the news because of scandals at city hall--from the city council to pension scandals and more...offer them full exposure of my breasts. He tells me that some people must watch my YouTube postings to pleasure themselves. I realized he was really talking about himself, and that turned me off to him. I did value his political insights but couldn't deal with his attitude towards me. Seems like some men grow up and want to play with Barbie dolls. Here is yet another man talking to me as if I were a Barbie Doll without a brain, saying I don’t know how ruthless these players are. I find myself returning to the opening “quote” of Bloomberg Newzzz” about Mike being ruthless. I explained that I did know, and that I had to move because of such matters. Believe me, I know just what’s been going on. I have lived it! This man who is slightly older than I am is condescending to me when he isn’t having his private, tissue-box moments. He tells me I have a great body, and I tell him I actually don’t. He tells me if I am hurt or murdered, don’t worry: he’ill write about me and relate my story. I tell him that there are four news reporters, whom I call “my Dads,” that already know my story. They are diverse but they have one thing in common: they can’t tolerate corruption.

Mike Bloomberg has hired every campaign-manager in town. He isn’t satisfied with just a tsunami of ad campaigns with no opposition but he also has to hire everybody he can in his war on...oh, I meant to say in his ambitious goal to win a third term. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/12/nyregion/12wolfson.html?_r=1&pagewanted=all The only guys he hasn’t hired, just joking, they are plenty of people Mike has not hired.... are admirers of my YouTube campaign against Bloomberg. I meet some. I am sure we have shared moments thinking he/she doesn’t look as good as his/her facebook picture. One political animal, younger and good looking, also hits on me. We have sizzling text messages, but I tell him he has to give my YouTube postings five star ratings because I have sicko cyber stalkers. He responds, ”No!— Not until after the election.” I can’t help wondering if he is also a stalker, and so I delete him from my phone as well.

I am real, not enhanced like actresses. But I am also a feminist. So when I use my cleavage on YouTube, it’s sending a double message. And it’s so funny that one admirer didn’t get it at first, even when I spelled it out. I refer to John Berger's "Ways of Seeing". A YouTube admirer and supporter of mine emailed me to tell me he was upset: “You couldn’t see my face in, “No third term for Mayor Mike Bloomberg NYC + city council that voted themselves a raise!” http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=Y-ry7TGy7zA .....but I would do the Marilyn spread but instead of a white sheet -- a silk screen transparent sheet of my political poster lampooning Mike Bloomberg because he has billions and at 47, I have natural assets that are compelling and I want people to vote. We don’t have many watchdogs so getting out and voting is the way each New Yorker can be a watch dog and reclaim democracy! Vote everyone that voted for a third term out of office!!! Send a message democracy is not for sale, either is City Hall!!!!

I had a bad night of insomnia which I attribute to post-traumatic stress. Beyond exhausted, I attended a meeting of “Fed-up New Yorkers” and when I came home I did a song parody protesting Mike and Christine. I couldn’t sing in key but I wanted to send a message so I my latest YouTube is an attempt to make over Eddie Veder’s “No More.”But instead of Bush and the war, I am talking about Bloomberg and Christine Quinn. And this anti-war song is about what it feels like when Mike, Amanda the wicked witch, socialite city planner and developers made “economic war” on NYC with their reckless community crushing development. The Bloomberg Administration pushed for this “new” Yankee Stadium, a perfect metaphor for Mike and Amanda mega millionaire sociliate Burden’s “new” hideous New York the middle class and poor cannot afford. NYC seems filled with “mini” Mike wannabes. I call the city “oligarch central”. The land grabs, the power plays, the on going evictions are over whelming. New Yorkers' threshold for corruption is higher than the skyscrapers.

Tony Avella’s people say they will vote for Thompson if Tony loses in the democratic primary, which I pray is not going to happen. And Bill Thompson’s people say, they can’t say they will vote for Avella. Does that mean that if Bill loses the democratic primary, he is voting for Mike and hoping Mike will back him for state comptroller? Are they all in this together? I’ve heard that the Working Family Party has endorsed Christine Quinn, aka Mike Jr. Does that mean they will be endorsing Mike Bloomberg? Since writing “Bloomberg Newzzz” the Working Family has endorsed Bill Thompson. If I had one question for Bill Thompson it would be, "How come you could not stop the conflicts of interest and scandals regarding the pension funds at City Hall?

Behind the scenes is everyone convinced Mike the little emperor of NYC has won? Bloomberg Newzzzz; Is this all a scam perpetrated by the king of New York’s people? Obviously.

Mike Bloomberg gives Suzannah B. Troy the thumbs up as she yells “Oust the King!” from the steps of City Hall.


Mayor Mike Bloomberg, the mayor—who-would-be-king and my muse, gives me the thumbs-up for me to post on YouTube. Bloomberg Newzzz -- he thinks he can’t lose while I am longing for another ending.The ending I see, is that we do “Oust the king” and reclaim Democracy. I want Tony Avella to be mayor, even though he will be inheriting a City Hall much like the White House Obama inherited.

You heard it here from Suzannah, an artist and a New Yorker. Mike and crew crushed my community! I no longer live in the home that had been mine for 20 years. Bloomberg betrayed my votes and my belief in him. I moved, close enough to continue to see my friends, but not to be surrounded by NYU dorms anymore.

Most of all, I want the man who gave us this grotesque and soulless “new” New York voted out of office. And I want the city of New York to be returned to its people.

Suzannah B. Troy,

"I am an artist, I paint with my words."

Bloomberg Newzzz is my art...

NYC July 2009

"Banned from YouTubeland" http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2009/09/how-youtube-banned-me-and-my-work-was.html

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